Sunday, May 14, 2006

See Dick Sleep

Some people have professed concern that Vice President Cheney has been photographed asleep in public twice in recent weeks, first at Hu Jintao’s briefing during the summit in Washington, and most recently during a
staff meeting.

It seems that the Vice President himself, along with his China policy, is slipping into torpor.

That’s good.

For now China policy appears firmly in the hands of the State Department.

Perhaps the Vice President’s feared and secretive foreign policy cabal had decided that China was too big a mouthful to chew on for an administration already choking on Iraq but still declaring its determination to gorge itself on Iran.

But never count Big Time out.

Diminished capacity is no guarantee of reduced lethality.

When you look at Mr. Cheney, he more and more resembles Ed Woods’ muse and go-to guy for zombie roles,
Tor Johnson.

It is easy to imagine his team employing the newest developments in re-animation technology to awaken Mr. Cheney and send him off with an encouraging slap on the rump to devour the brains of the living at the State Department.

We don’t want that.

Sleep, Dick, sleep.

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