Friday, June 03, 2011

Syed Saleem Shahzad Trust Fund

NEWSWEEK visited Shahzad’s widow after his body was found. Aneeqa Saleem sat in shocked disbelief on the corner of a bed. Trauma seems a small word for the expressions on their three children. The youngest, 7-year-old Rehman Shah, was completely focused on trying to make his mother smile. “Mom, you still not happy?” he kept asking. “When will you smile?” His mother only looked at him helplessly.

She said she wants no criminal charges filed, nothing said to accuse any institution or organization, no autopsy. The case should be buried with her husband, she insisted. On a television in the room, a newscast showed pictures of his battered corpse. “My handsome husband!” she said. “Just look what they have made of him.”

Ron Moreau and Fasih Ahmed, Who Killed Saleem Shahzad?  Newsweek June 10, 2011 print edition

Asia Times is setting up a trust fund for Saleem Shahzad’s widow and three children.

Please send an e-mail to for details on how to contribute.

Amid widespread protests by Pakistani journalists and worldwide attention to the case, Pakistan’s Interior Minister announced on June 3 that a judicial commission headed by a Supreme Court justice will be set up within two days to investigate the murder of Saleem Shahzad.

Suhasini Haidar, Deputy Foreign Editor, CNN-IBN, interviewed Saleem Shahzad in May 2011.  Her June 3 column contains further details on his reportage on the existence of dangerous Al-Qaeda assets within Pakistan’s military.


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