Monday, June 04, 2007

Wanna Buy a Watch?

Via Rebecca McKinnon, someone in Canada is offering on eBay a "Tiananmen Massacre Medal Watch" provided by “an ex-PLA officer” to benefit an organization called the Tiananmen Mothers’ Campaign .

Bidding starts at $8964.18 (as in the eighteenth anniversary of the June 4 massacre of 1989).

The auction description states hopefully:

No local collection specialist has seen it before, it might be the only one existing outside China.

‘Fraid not.

I’ve got one of these babies. A friend in Beijing gave it to me shortly after the massacre, so I’m quite sure of its authenticity.

Courtesy of the eBay listing, here’s a picture of the watchface in all its doofy glory, with the hands cleverly positioned to look like a TV antenna sprouting out of the bewildered grunt’s helmet.

My version has a fancy metal wristband (not leather, like the one on offer) and came in a red and white plastic case reading: Presented to the Capital Martial Law Force ( 赠首都戒严部队).

Think I’ll hold on to mine for a bit.

You can bid on the eBay auction here .


Bill Bishop said...

I have one too, just like yours, not the one on ebay

Unknown said...

[warning.... this post is off topic and off site as well.
this is in response to the thread "Neocons tried to push for iraq-style conflict with China...?" from pekin duck. for some reason best known to himself, "i like china" richard always allowed creeps like xxxchuan to spew their craps, but those like me who expose their lies are persona non grata.

xxxchuan the china baiter is finally showing his colors.
first he quoted a financial times report which claimed that china still covet part of indian land, [the brits?, they SHOULD know why dont they?]
now he says that if china get whacked in the tw straits, it will not be able to "enforce its will" at the indian border. [sic][how come this guy sounds so much like mr raj, ?]

mr eh, xxxchuan, it was the brits who imposed the "macmahon line" on a weakened china. being seasoned land grabbers that they were, they managed to grab the juicest part of the quarry, they called it the "gem of tibet", a vast land the size of 10 belgiums, endowed with a wealth of precious minerals deposits and awesome hydraulic potential. but india wasnt satisfied with this ill gotten loot, it claimed more land north of the infamous macmahon line.
in 1962, emboldened with the support of BOTH the us and ussr, [you got to hand it to the indians, getting the yanks and the russians, who were at each others neck, to jointly attack china], mounted an aggressive "forward deployment" inside chinese territory.
after the pla routed the intruders, there was nothin between them and delhi, it could have at least recover the territory robbed by the brits, but the pla retreated back to the line of control.
the then under secretary to the british Foreign Office, Lord caccia, commented in 1966 (not without a tinge of grudging admiration) that, "The Chinese withdrawal to their original line after a victory in the field was the first time in recorded history that a great power has not exploited military success by demanding something more" [Maxwell). A magnificent piece of diplomacy by any standard, which sadly was not reciprocated.
right after the border war, the indian Foreign Secretary expressed the Indian Governments willingness "to work with the United States both politically and militarily in the rest of Asia" for the containment of China.
a cornered china concluded that alliance with pakistan etc was the only way out of this encirclement. many indians, who are perenially pointing to the sino pak connection as proof of chinese belligerance, seem to be confusing cause and effect.
even after china acquire nuclear capacity, it didnt use its military superiority to ENFORCE ITS WILL on the border with india, in fact, its the first nuclear power to declare a no first use nuclear doctrine.
yet right after india's 1998 nuclear test, defence minister george fernandez promptly declared china as no 1 enenmy. indian prez vijapayee even made it a point to write a personal letter to clinton, assuring him of indian friendship and rationalising the indian bomb as a deterrence to "chinese aggression".
but ex pentagon senior officer charles freeman, hardly a ccp apologist, offered this observation, "china is content to keep the status quo at the border, its india's internal politics that prevent a real settlement of the border issue."
mr eh, xxxchuan, if china wants to "enforce its will" on the border with india, it could have done it in 1962 and when it acquired nuclear cabability in 1965, but it didnt, so why should it want to do it now --- when india has acquired military parity, may be even superiority, and when india is alliance with us , japan, australia. ?
mr eh, xxxchuan, it was india which tried to ENFORCE ITS WILL on the border in 1962, as they says, the rest is history.

it has always been the case, india enforcing its will on its neighbours --
which led to three wars with pak, border clash with bangladesh in 2003 and 2005. defenceless sikkim was annexed in 1975 and bhutan being turned into a protectorate. nepal is claiming a large chunk of land occupied by india, including kalapani.
but they dont talk about such stuffs in the west, i guess there's some kind of professional courtesy among thiefs.
they all want to liberate the tibetans from china though. [sic]

Unknown said...

here is that broken link again

David said...

Well if it wasn't for Tiananmen we we would've had another war with India. I remeber in early 1989 there were much troop mobilization going on. Especially even reserve units in Su Zhou were sent to the Indian boarder. The last warnings have been given to Indian ambassador. What a silver bullet they dodged.

Unknown said...

**ch of china matters,recently you referred to the tiananmen incident, now you call it massacre. has something new emerged to sway your opinion?
i dont know about you, but as more facts dripple out over the yrs, i become more skeptical about the "army massacre unarmed students in the square" version, i now consider the ccp version,"army cracked down on violent mobs in the streets" highly plausible.
but as i say, only god knows the truth, may be another fourty yrs, when everything is declassified.
just like we now know that the "1962 chinese aggression against india" is one of the biggest hoax of the century, ditto the "genocide in tibet".

[achtung ! this is off topic and off side,readers can choose to ignore and site owners can choose to delete at their discretion]

***raj of pekin duck,

you seem to spend your days looking up for anything thats negative about china, be it facts or fabrications.
do you ever read the indian press? i started looking into it after i was intrigued by the sheer number of indians [and yanks] who seem to be obcessed with chinese affairs, especially the negative side of it.
know something, soon i was shocked to discover that "incidents" like tiananmen occur practically everyday in india. perhaps its coz of the open nature of the indian press, such news gets to be reported much more frequently instead of getting covered up, i really dont know. but while the prevalence of such "incidents" in democratic india is scandalous by itself, the deafening silence from the humanrights crowds , mainly the yanks, is very revealing.

just recently, dozens of poor sods got mowed down in nandigram,with the usual gang rapes and mutiliation thrown in,
perhaps such "incidents" occur so often in india that it hardly got a peep from the usual humanrights" crowds, fact is, the "butcher of nandigram" got an invitation to washington -- to share "the political and development aspects of his success story. no kidding !!

it seem to me some guys are able to switch on or off their "compassion" whenever they like it, you know, sorta like those canned laughter in the sitcoms. are lives in india so "cheap" to these folks, so that its not worth their time [or yours] perhaps, you tell me?
god bless the chinese, not ever tom dick or harry can count on the yanks to have their welfare at heart 24/7/365 you know.?

bobby fletcher said...

CH, here are some retrospectives on TAM, I hope you'll give them a pass:
(Retrspective by Columbia School of Journalism)
(TAM & pack journalism by Gregory Clark)
(Memoir by Gram Earnshaw.)

Earnshaw mentioned another reporter who reproted tank rolling over students, Elisabeth Pisani, left the square hours before dawn.

Unknown said...

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