Sunday, February 06, 2011

China's Media: Reportin’ Tahrir Square Like It’s 1989

More along the lines of "Reportin’ Like It’s 1989” theme referred to in the previous post is a fine photoessay from Tahrir Square by Xinhua’s Yin Dongxun.

For me, the subject matter evokes comparisons to Tian An Men Square in 1989.

Here’s a few samples.

The rest are here, on Xinhua’s English-language service:

Perhaps Al Jazeera's spectacular growth in viewership thanks to its Egyptian coverage is forcing Xinhua to raise its game.

At least in English.

Couldn’t find the essay on Xinhua’s Chinese language service.  Maybe it’s me.  Maybe not.

I expect there are some interesting debates going on between China's media, censorship, and propaganda barons as to how to cover the popular movement in Egypt.

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