Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Occam’s Razor Helpless Against Iranian Bomb Plot Horsecrap

Since everybody else is tiptoeing around the issue, I might as well put my hoof in:

The “Iranian bomb plot” smells like BS.

The idea that the Iranian regime or Quds Force decided to pull this off should be fourth or fifth down the list of plausible explanations, if not lower.

It looks more like a black flag operation by Israel or Saudi Arabia.

The fact that the US decided to take the allegation and run with it should itself be a matter of interest and investigation.

After all, just as Iran is trying once again to break out of its diplomatic isolation by refloating the Teheran Research Reactor nuclear fuel swap, the State Department comes up with a new load of manure to dump on the situation.

Makes me think, the Obama administration decided to give the Jose Padilla treatment to this ridiculous scheme in order to reclaim leadership of the anti-Iran jihad, which threatened to run off under the incitement of Saudi Arabia and Israel, both of whom now regard the US as a dubious ally who no longer deserves either a leadership role or even a veto in skullduggery involving Teheran.

But there it is.

The US has blessed the story, so all the responsible commentators—even those who apparently think the idea is ridiculous—have to do some serious chin-stroking along the lines of “what where the mullahs thinking” if indeed that was what the mullahs were thinking.

I’m thinking—with all due respect to the Saudi ambassador—who gives a tinker’s damn about the Saudi ambassador?  Ambassadors are errand boys.  

The only reason to blow up an ambassador in the United States is to start a war with the US.  Does anybody think Iran wants to do that?

Does anybody think Saudi Arabia and Israel don’t want to start a war with Iran—at least get the US to fight the war for them?

Occam’s Razor gets awfully blunt when it starts to cut in the sensitive areas—or to US government BS.

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Anonymous said...

Word. It's very sad that the US has decayed to this extent. They can't even make up some BS properly. I mean please, there's thousands of scriptwriters who could come up with better plots than this.