Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Advantage: Nicholas Wilson!

I am pleased to report that in this month of January 2017 Nicholas Wilson was both able to avert foreclosure on his home for back mortgage payments and get the British government to acknowledge the merits of his 13 year campaign as a whistleblower to bring HSBC to book for improper charges on credit card debt.  Details here.  Background here.

Guardian headline from January 20, 2017: here.

For those of us who participated in Wilson's crowdfunder to save his house, there's a nice shoutout at the end of the piece:

[Wilson] said the proceedings were later dismissed after he paid off all the arrears “thanks to supporters on Twitter”. An online crowdfunding appeal had raised about £3,700.

Once again, I thank everyone who responded to my notice of Wilson's crowdfunder by either contributing or retweeting, with special thanks to Jeffrey St. Clair at CounterPunch and Joanne Leon at Shadowproof for publicizing the effort to their followers.

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