Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Shi Fang Photos

I wrote an article touching on the Shi Fang incident, which I expect will go up on Asia Times shortly.  In the article, I referred to various Weibo postings, but didn't link to them or otherwise identify them with the idea that I didn't want to take the chance of complicating the situation of critics/citizen-reporters et. al. by associating them with the hot button "washing China's dirty linen in the international arena" issue.

Judging by what I read today, the "settling of accounts after the autumn harvest" seems to have started.  In other words, the central government allowed the incident to be reported in considerable, and considerably inflammatory detail.  But now, dissidents and activists who are trying to use the incident to acquire some political traction are being hassled and/or detained and some of their posts are being deleted.

For historical purposes, I'm putting up an album of pictures from one of the Weibo sites as a single image.  More than press reports, it gives a pretty clear idea of what happened, and why the incident has ignited anger and revulsion across China.  Unfortunately, the image loads up in microscopic form.  When I get the time, I'll fiddle with the image and see if I can blow up the individual pictures. 

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