Monday, August 04, 2014

Final Word, I Hope, On Whooping Cough

As a heads-up to medporn enthusiasts, the website does describe some reasonably excruciating and diverting medical situations.  However, its main purpose is to offer my experiences as a public service to a relatively underserved sector: people who suffer from a) whooping cough and b) also experience cough syncope.  These are conditions largely untreatable in the doctor’s office, and information on how to handle the disease is relatively sparse and dispersed.  So there are thoughtful discussions of icky but important issues that may not engage or perhaps even repel the casual or morbidly interested reader but, I hope, will provide useful data to current sufferers.

I would appreciate it if readers could link to or tweet this post so that it will show up on the search engines and provide a link to information and discussion on this syndrome.

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